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DIY Artist Consulting w/ Raye

Are you an indie artist trying to elevate your brand & business? Or someone trying to turn their music hobby into a full-time job? Or someone who's always wanted to play an open mic & looking for support? Call Raye! 

"Raye's the real thing. When you're getting started in the world of Indie music, it can feel like you need so many things—a studio, a band, a producer, a publicist, an audience, a song, a ride. These things are wonderful, but there's something more valuable and often overlooked in the early days –good advice. Raye's got it to give. When I talk with her, she listens. When I ask her questions, she shares her hard-won insights generously. It's amazing. It's practical and efficient. It's fun! At the beginning of a long journey, don't underestimate the difference a few degrees of gentle course correction can make years down the line. You have enough photos. Call her while you can." -Ryan Milov Cordoba (Indie Musician, Songwriter, & Teacher) 

"Raye's guidance was indispensable to me when I was putting together a release strategy for my first EP. She's one of the most hard-working, generous people and the knowledge she's gained from years of experience can benefit anyone aspiring to a career in music." - Danny Fishman (Indie Singer-Songwriter) 

"As an artist, the music and creative is easy. Figuring out how to make an actionable plan to help me achieve my goals? That has felt overwhelming. Raye helped me figure out a clear path that I am excited to explore." - Valerie Vonn (Indie Artist & Producer)

30 Minute Phone Call - $75 

30 Minute Phone Call w/ Patreon Membership ($5 Tier or Higher) - $50

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